Moments In Time: Terry Fox Run

Why our Toonies matter: On the Road to Personalized Medicine - Imaging that detects if a patient’s breast cancer treatment is working after just one week of therapy. A pre-leukemic stem cell that can identify the disease before it even begins. Utilizing the 30-billion data points of a patient’s sequenced genome to determine why some cancer tumours become resistant to drugs and others don't. These are but three exciting ways in which cancer research today is making a difference through funds raised by The Terry Fox Foundation and now invested by the Terry Fox Research Institute. We’ve never understood cancer better and we are closer now to achieving more cures than we have ever been before. Read more here.

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This is Grand Rapids School, Manitoba, Canada, a fully dedicated staff inspiring to excellence in all aspects of our students', staffs', and communities' lives. We offer unparalleled programming in academics and sports; with focus on one goal: "Improve our lives with courageousness and engagingness".

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In the spotlight this June.

  • Good sport does not happen by chance!
    ~ True Sport

    Every year, millions of Canadians come together through sport. In every province and territory, community sport inspires friendship, learning, health, and personal growth. Canadians tell researchers that after the family, sport is the most powerful influence on young people’s development.

  • Worksheets don't grow dendrites.
    ~ Marcia Tate

    Marcia Tate's ideas should be re-visited with our students and ourselves in mind. Let's make it a goal to read her books again. ~Annie and Laurie.

  • Lyndie Beardy and Eugene Kakewash selected on the Manitoba roster
    ~ Badminton Manitoba

    Two local students makes it to the big stage: Canadian nationals.